Privacy Policy for P3 Recovery

P3 Recovery, committed to safeguarding your personal privacy, operates under the principles outlined in this Privacy Policy. By understanding our practices, you’ll see how we collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information.

Our Commitment to Privacy:
Adherence to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) within the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) is at our core. Our internal policies and procedures are structured to ensure personal information is handled in line with these principles.

Information Collection:
To deliver our comprehensive recovery services, we collect essential personal information. Failure to provide requested details may limit our ability to serve you fully. This information ranges from contact details to sensitive data like health information.

Collection Methodology:
Primarily, we gather information directly from you. Whether through membership registration, interactions with our staff, or order placements, we ensure your data is collected respectfully and securely.

Information Security:
Protecting your personal data is paramount. We implement stringent security measures, both digital and physical, to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Purpose of Data Collection:
Our collection of personal information is purpose-driven, aimed at enhancing service delivery, communication, and fulfilling our legal and operational obligations.

Information Disclosure:
While we generally keep your data within P3 Recovery and its affiliates, certain circumstances necessitate sharing with third parties, always under strict conditions to safeguard your privacy.

Marketing Communications:
With your consent, we may use your information for marketing, providing updates on new services or offers. You have the right to opt-out of these communications at any time.

Access to Your Information:
You’re entitled to access the personal information we hold about you, with certain legal exceptions. Requests for access can be made through our designated contact points.

Information Accuracy:
We strive to maintain accurate, complete, and current personal data. Should you identify any inaccuracies, we welcome your input to rectify the information.

Web Usage and Cookies:
Our website’s use of cookies helps us tailor your online experience and understand user preferences. These cookies are not used to track personal browsing history outside our website.

Policy Updates:
As our services evolve, so will this policy. Changes will be communicated through our website, ensuring you’re always informed.

Complaints and Feedback:
Your feedback is invaluable. Should you have concerns regarding our information handling, we invite you to reach out. Our commitment is to address and resolve any issues, aligning with our dedication to continuous improvement.

Overseas Data Flow:
While unlikely, there may be instances where your information is disclosed to overseas entities, particularly concerning payment processing. In such cases, we ensure these platforms adhere to comparable privacy standards.

This policy exemplifies our commitment to privacy, detailing our practices in a transparent and accessible manner. For further inquiries or clarifications, our contact details are readily available for your convenience.

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